What is viz.news?

viz.news is a new way to frame and consume current US political news.

Source bias is mapped to the x-axis, and reliability is mapped to font size. The y-axis represents time with more recent articles at the top, but is not to scale.

Bias and reliability scores are preliminary and will evolve over time. Efforts are underway to collect and refine additional data, including use of both primary and third-party data. For now, reliability maps directly to bias, but this will also be refined over time.

When you hover over an article headline, if there's a similar headline from the other end of the political spectrum, that article headline will also pop up. You can click inside the article box to retain the comparison article.

Currently, articles from the same source are all assigned the same bias and reliability score. Future plans include a more detailed bias/reliability analysis that factors in the particular author and content of the article.

viz.news updates every hour on the hour.

Questions? Contact info[at]viz.news